When you’ve sold a listing or no longer want it to be visible online you may want to deactivate the tour. 

TIP: If the listing is sold but you want to keep the tour active on the web, we'd recommend updating the Headline on the tour with "SOLD" which will allow visitors to know that it's sold but still be available for you to use for marketing purposes. For more information on changing the tour information such as the headline, see this article.

To deactivate the tour go to your client panel. For information on how to access your client panel, see this article.

On the main "Settings" tab, click on the "Deactivate Tour" buttonThis will deactivate the link for your tour making it no longer viewable online and the client panel will no longer be accessible.

To reactivate a tour, reach out to customer support by chat, email or phone: info@virtuance.com, 1-844-443-7325.