Our Client Success Team is happy to help with floor plan edits. Here is a list of what we can and can't edit on a floor plan.

These are edits that our team can complete while waiving the first round of edits fee:
  • Edit Room Names
  • Edit Room Dimensions
  • Edit Floor Names
  • Change Order of Layout of Floors
  • Separate each floor onto a separate jpg or page. We can also combine them if they're separated

These are edits that our team will not be able to complete:
  • “Cleaning up” Agent Provided floor plans or editing them in any way
  • Adding complex/round features that are not built in (ie; Hottubs, couches, etc)
  • Adding walls or rooms that aren’t currently there 
  • NOTE on this - we will not have accurate square footage available if any rooms are added. In most cases, its likely we will need to go back out to the home to re-capture the missing room