The difference between a ground shoot and aerial shoot: elevation of the vantage point, equipment and what is photographed.

The Aerial shoot has a licensed drone pilot that has been trained with photographing property exteriors with a drone in the sky! Our Ground photographers capture the subject property with their camera and capture both interior and exterior images.

Aerial shoots are great at showing proximity to surrounding locations, landscapes such as an ocean or mountain and the size of the lot. Ground Shoots are great to give the potential buyer a sense of what it would be like to actually standing in the property and the views.

Why are the two shoots scheduled as different shoots if it's of the same property? 

Ground and Aerial shoots are scheduled as two seperate shoots because it requires two different photographers with very different equipment onsite. 

Can aerial shoots also do interior of the property?

Flying a drone inside a property has a lot of room for issues to happen, not to mention would likely give the tenants a panic attack. We find that our ground photographers are best able to capture the interiors and exteriors from ground level. Our aerial photography best captures property exteriors from the sky! 

Can aerial shoots fly around the neighborhood to capture surrounding areas? 

Our aerial shoots are intended to capture the subject property and a small radius around that property. The drone pilot must maintain eye contact with the drone at all times to fly it safely. We cannot combine multiple locations into one aerial photoshoot.

Click here for more information regarding the rules and guidelines for aerial photography.